Thoughts on Twitter

With Twitter, the starting point is that you can write. Posting is as short and simple as it can possibly get.

After that you read (follow), and after that, with sufficient density of your twittersphere, you interact, and eventually experience interacting twitterspheres. This is the reverse of how the web has actually evolved. Tim Berners-Lee’s intention was that it be a two-way, or multi-way, medium, but in fact it quickly devolved to a publishing medium, and is only now returning to becoming truly two-way (and so it’s being called Web 2.0).

With Twitter every thought is a node, an addressable information resource capable of being richly annotated. This has the highest potential yet to create true web-mycelium – not just presence but enriching presence. Because each tweet is a node, harvesting is possible, which is what we’re seeing with the growth of Twitter utilities of all kinds.

Very exciting – these are the good old days!

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