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Gearing up the distributed, cached web

Google Gears, SyncML, or something like it, is a huge winner. Why? It enables a web where information is cached wherever it is used. As you’re using a web page / visiting a node, you can choose to have the … Continue reading

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iPhone Remote and iUbiquity

Apple’s Remote iPhone app is a true jewel: it does one thing really really well. In my case, I have an iMac upstairs in my home office, wirelessly connected over AirTunes to my downstairs speakers. Now I can be in … Continue reading

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OpenID slays password antipatterns!

Evan Prodromou‘s open source Twitter-like site supports OpenID for logging in. This basically means that if you have set up an OpenID with an OpenID Identity Provider, and you want to sign in to a site that supports OpenID … Continue reading

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Friend Connect Enables Inter-Site Wormholes and Creates Life!

The OpenSocial blog has a good summary of  Google’s recently announced Friend Connect in the context of OpenSocial: … up until now, becoming a container – adding new social applications for your users – has meant having to provide your … Continue reading

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Money, Scarcity, Interest, and the Web of Wealth

Bernard Lietaer and Stephen Belgin have a fascinating article, In Whose Interest? in the latest issue of Fieldnotes. They examine the nature of interest: According to Stephen Zarlenga, Director of the American Monetary Institute, “Loans were made in seed grains, … Continue reading

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Facebook App Spam

This is gonna devalue the Facebook, and particularly the Facebook apps, experience.

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Thoughts on Twitter

With Twitter, the starting point is that you can write. Posting is as short and simple as it can possibly get. After that you read (follow), and after that, with sufficient density of your twittersphere, you interact, and eventually experience interacting … Continue reading

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Weblogging as well as twittering

This is my fourth weblog. Its predecessors, in chron order, are memerising This Dew-Drop Bardo schmoozy szpace Part of the experiment is to see how twitters co-exist with blog entries. I can also post items to Facebook, but that’s still … Continue reading

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