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iPhone Remote and iUbiquity

Apple’s Remote iPhone app is a true jewel: it does one thing really really well. In my case, I have an iMac upstairs in my home office, wirelessly connected over AirTunes to my downstairs speakers. Now I can be in … Continue reading

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OpenID slays password antipatterns!

Evan Prodromou‘s open source Twitter-like site supports OpenID for logging in. This basically means that if you have set up an OpenID with an OpenID Identity Provider, and you want to sign in to a site that supports OpenID … Continue reading

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Financial markets live on price-inflating bubbles?

Avner Mandelman has an interesting, and possibly critical, argument in a recent Globe and Mail article, In a world where money moves at a mouse click, Fed’s in a tough battle. Excerpts: Money supply is the monetary base times the … Continue reading

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